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Vocal Age: 30’s to 50’s.

Pitch: Bass.

Vocal Style: ‘Chatty Gravitas’ – Chatty friend meets trusted advisor.

Native Accents: Australian & British (dual passport holder).

Characters: Over 300 unique characters.




After 10 years in the UK and Ireland – connecting with his Scottish and British parentage – Colin has finally succumbed to the need for vitamin D and a ready supply of Vegemite, returning home to his native Australia.

As a voice artist, Colin is a veritable chameleon of characters – speaking with a Scottish Accent until starting school in outback of Australia has been just one of his many, colourful influences. However, he is cast most for his native British & Australian narrations.

Colin graduated with a Diploma of Speech and Drama from University of Technology Sydney and Bachelor of Media Communications from Southern Cross University. He has been working as a professional Voice Artist for over 20 years – Winning ‘Best Male Character Voice’ at Australia’s Radio Time Club Goldie Awards, a London International Ad Awards finalist for best Radio Artistè, UK Vox Awards ‘Best Use of Humour’, New York Rap Mag Award in the Best Station Produced Commercial category and a heap more!

Colin’s vocal style is ‘Chatty Gravitas’ – a chatty friend meets a trusted advisor.

From a ‘non-voiceover’ guy next store, to an educated, smooth documentary or corporate narration, Colin is fast becoming one of Sydney’s top voiceover talents.

With his own ‘Whisper Room’ home studio he’s available remotely, or daily, just 15 mins from Wynyard Station, Sydney, Australia.

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