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Donald Trump Impressionist

The world according to a Donald Trump Impressionist & Voiceover – Colin Cassidy – is ‘TREMENDOUS’!

Donald Trump Word Machine – It's ALIVE!!
Trump Word Machine!

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Donald Trump Word Machine – Out Now!
Colin Talking about the Trump Word Machine!

Donald Trump Impressionist & Mimic

Trumping Everywhere!

Well, I’ve voiced a Donald Trump pull-string toy, fun answering machines and voicemails and Donald J. Trump Impressionist scripts for video narrations. In fact, he seems to be the flavour of 2017 and is it any surprise!?

If you’d like a Donald Trump voiceover impression or recording done, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. From Answering Machine messages, toys, viral videos even a Dance Music track featuring Donald Trump quotes! Yes, believe it, it’s BIG LEAGUE, a South American music company actually booked me specifically to capture a range of Donald Trump Impressions for their ‘club house’ dance track, directed me ‘live’ over skype so we could get various tones and emotions – I’ve heard snippets of the song which is yet to be released. It was, tremendous, really. huuuuuge, believe me!

Russia are booking Donald Trump!

Yep. Who’d have thunk it. I was just killing some time on a Thursday afternoon after voicing a Pharmaceutical Explainer Video, then WHOOSH! Donald Trump found his way into my Voice Studio. When Trump demands to endorse you, what can you do? I guess I’m now a deplorable by proxy 😀 Click to play a sample of my Donald Trump Impression below.To be honest, lately I’ve been getting requests from all over the planet. A Russian booking was the biggest surprise – I didn’t know whether to feel honoured or concerned about ending up in the salt mines! Whilst I’m under NDA, I can assure you that the copy was – no disrespect to Mr Putin and his (strangely cool) shirtless horse-riding tendencies – not a threat to anyone’s national security!

The Donald Trump, ‘Presidential Word Machine’ toy!

I’ve had a toy company asking for a Donald Trump Impressionist to voice their ‘Presidential Word Machine’,…TREMENDOUS,…YUUUUUGE! I can’t wait to see that come out. They’ve programmed in other general Donald Trump lines such as ‘Let’s make Mexico pay for everything’ and ‘I have a really big brain’. The amazing thing about it is, they are real Donald Trump quotes!

Visit the Kickstarter Site for the Word Machine HERE.

It’s tough to know where to draw the line between vilification of someone and when comedic ‘right of public response’ is fair and reasonable – so I guess I’ll keep treading that line. But honestly, President Donald J. Trump does make parodies very fun and there’s loads of ammunition. Thank-goodness for freedom of speech,…while it lasts at least :O

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